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Frequently Asked Questions

We think so. As a long-time property owner and manager, our founder personally wrote the Better Renter Certification course to cover all the things he’s learned over the last 20 years that are important for every tenant to know before they move in. Every renter is unique and the Better Renter Certification course ensures each one has a fundamental understanding of how to be a great tenant and how to care for their rental properly.

Better Renter Certification is valuable in a number of ways, including:

  • Ensures every tenant has a basic understanding of how to be a good tenant and care for their rental properly;
  • Reduces time and energy spent teaching and explaining things to renters that Property Managers need them to understand;
  • Reduces misuse and damage to the property by covering basic Dos and Don’ts of proper appliance, plumbing, electrical, heating and cooling system use;
  • Gives property owners piece-of-mind that the renters you place are well-qualified and equipped to properly care for their property;
  • Eliminates the time and hassle of trying to educate tenants on your own;

Shoot us a message and we’ll set you up with free access to take our course. It takes roughly 30 minutes to complete but this is the best way to see exactly what we teach renters. We’ll also give you full access to all the materials included in the Better Renter Certification course, including our Move-In Guide, Move-Out Cleaning Guide, and Troubleshooting Guide that shows renters how to fix minor issues in their rental on their own.

Absolutely! We have simple options to make Better Renter Certification part of your leasing and new renter onboarding process, as well as special pricing and access to make it low-friction and hassle-free for your renters.

We don’t cover anything that deals with local or state laws and regulations. You can think of Better Renter Certification as a best-practices guide that explains how to be good tenants and how to care for their rental properly. 

No! Having existing renters take our course is a great way to get your entire renter pool educated and on the same page. Contact us to learn how we can help with bulk course access and pricing.

The Better Renter Troubleshooting Guide is a very basic how-to guide that walks renters through the process of troubleshooting and fixing minor issues in their rental. It covers basic, straight-forward things many renters don’t know, like resetting GFCI outlets and breakers, unjamming and resetting garbage disposals, removing hair clogs from tub and shower drains without using drain cleaner, clearing a clogged toilet, etc.

It also explains how to use the appliances and systems in the home properly, and how to avoid causing damage through misuse.

We recommend requiring all tenants to attempt to troubleshoot their maintenance issue using our guide *before* filing a maintenance request.