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Watch this 3-minute video to learn about Better Renter Certification and why you’ll want to make it part of your tenant placement process. Have questions? See the FAQs at the bottom of the page or shoot us a message below.

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"I require every new tenant to be a Certified Better Renter. I think of it as the missing piece in the usual credit, background, and income verification process we run on every new applicant. If a tenant has completed the Better Renter course it gives me confidence they have, at the very least, a basic understanding of the things I care about as a Property Owner and Manager.
Stefanie Anderson
Property Owner and Manager
Beehive Properties of Utah

Frequently Asked Questions

Nothing! The fee for the course is paid by the renter. However, if you’d prefer to include the price of the course in your move-in fee, or otherwise have it be not be an up-front cost to your renters, shoot us a message we can discuss the other options we provide.

Of course! Shoot us a message and we’ll send you a link to view the course or read the course transcript.

You’d be surprised! We’ve tried to find a good balance between providing as much useful information as we can while keeping the course short enough that renters don’t lose focus. As property owners and managers ourselves, we’ve found that the 80/20 rule applies here. Covering the most common 20% of things renters should know reduces problems in the future by 80%. In other words, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

We feel a 30-minute time commitment from a tenant who will be entrusted with the care of a home that could be worth hundreds-of-thousands of dollars (or more!) is the bare minimum that should be required. 

Our favorite is to list the property at the price we normally would, and then include a price for renters who aren’t Better Renter certified (usually around $25/month more). It’s a win-win either way. It’s not enough to turn off prospective tenants, so the number of applications doesn’t change, and we either get a Better Renter certified tenant or we get an additional $25/month to offset the likely increased expenses we’ll face during the term of the lease with a non-Better Renter certified tenant. It’s really no different than charging a pet fee from someone with a dog, since they will likely cause greater wear-and-tear on the unit as well.

Absolutely. We offer bulk registration at discounted rates for Property Managers who want to certify their entire tenant-base. Shoot us a message to learn more!

We ask renters for their Property Manager’s name and email address during sign up. We then send the Property Manager an email notice when the tenant completes the course. The tenant also receives a digital certificate of completion that they can email directly to their Property Manager.